Francesco Loschi, Paolo Panetto
via Gabriele D’Annunzio, 28
31100 Treviso IT
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EXiT is an architecture studio, based in Treviso. It focuses on architectural and urban design as well as interior and landscape design and draws upon the collective professional experiences of its founders in Italy and Portugal.

In 2009 and 2011 EXIT was nominated one of the best emerging architecture firms in Italy by Giarch. The projects realised by the studio were displayed in the Italian Pavilion at the Shanghai EXPO 2010.
The projects were on display in the “Ventisettetrentasette” exhibition dedicated to emerging Italian architecture.

The works of the studio have been published on prestigious national and international magazines (Wallpaper*, Mark, A10, C3, Giornale dell’Architettura, L’Arca, Platform, Domusweb, Archdaily) and selected for “XII Premio architettura Città di Oderzo”, “Archdaily Building of the Year 2011”.

In 2011 EXiT won the “Barbara Cappochin Prize of Architecture – provincial section”. The founder partners of EXiT gave lectures in several Research Institutes and Universities.


Francesco Loschi (Treviso 1977), architect, graduated at the Università IUAV in Venice and attended a masterclass with Marcel Smets in Landscape Urbanism at QUAP in Treviso. Since 2003 has worked as assistant at construction sites and on executive drawings in Treviso and Trieste, and worked for Pedro Sousa / GB arquitectos in Lisbon.

Paolo Panetto (Treviso 1977), architect, graduated at the Università IUAV in Venice with Massimo Carmassi and attended a masterclass in Landscape Urbanism at the UBA in Buenos Aires. Since 2002 he worked for zD6 – Paolo Ceccon in Venice and Proap – João Nunes in Lisbon. He has been tutor at the Università IUAV in Venice from 2005 to 2012. His writings are published in “Giornale dell’Architettura”, “Arch’it”, “Piéra”, “Quaderni del Territorio”.


2022 – Barbara Cappochin International Architecture Biennale Prize (regional prize) – selected

2022 – Premio internazionale Domus Restauro e Conservazione – shortlist

2011 – Barbara Cappochin Prize of Architecture (provincial section) – winner

2011 – Premio nazionale di Architettura In/Arch Ance (young architects) – selected

2010 – ArchDaily Building of the Year (refurbishment category) – finalist

2010 – Premio di Architettura Città di Oderzo (housing category) – finalist


2019 – PiaveFutura University Campus, Padua (with Cruz y Ortiz arquitectos) – fourth prize

2016 – Liuni Headquarter, Milan – fourth prize

2012 – Bortolin Angelo Winery, Valdobbiadene – second phase

2011 – Private Ranch, Bratislava – second prize

2011 – ARBO Areale Ferroviario, Bolzano (with Cruz y Ortiz arquitectos) – second phase

2008 – Bastione Poligonale del Castello, Treviso – third prize

2008 – Architetti Cercasi 2008, Milan – selected

2007 – Museo Diocesano, Milan (with Cruz y Ortiz arquitectos) – second phase

2006 – Land Slides, Valdobbiadene, Treviso – first prize

2005 – Ryugyang Hotel, Pyongyang – selected

2005 – Hortus Botanicus Patavinus, Padua (with Proap, GB arquitectos) – second phase

2004 – J5 Jovenes arquitectos en Andalucia, Coria del Rio, Seville – third prize

2002 – La piazza di Moniga del Garda, Brescia (with Albiero/Presi) – first prize


2021 – Una certa idea di spazio, Spazio Solido, Treviso

2018 – TTT Tradizione, Traduzione, Tradimento. Riflessioni sull’architettura montana, Cercivento Udine

2017 – Rassegna Architetti Arco Alpino, Belluno

2015 – I want to see it painted, Galleria Sp3, Treviso

2015 – 10A, Galleria SP3, Treviso

2014 – Generation Project, Spazio Paraggi, Treviso

2011 – Premi Nazionali di Architettura “InArch Ance”, Rome

2010 – Giarch Progetti di giovani architetti italiani, Triennale Bovisa, Milan

2010 – 27/37 Rassegna Internazionale di giovani architetti italiani, Italian Pavillon Expo, Shanghai

2010 – Premio Architettura Città di Oderzo, Palazzo Foscolo, Oderzo Treviso

2008 – AAA architetti cercasi, Urban Center, Milan

2008 – Museo Diocesano design competition exhibitions, Museo Diocesano, Milan

2006 – Triennale di Milano, La Piramide del Pacifico, Milan

2006 – Biennale di Venezia, Fiction Pyongyang, Italian Pavilion, Venice

2005 – J5, Convento Santa Maria de Los Reyes, Seville

2004/06 – Nib+Icar Travelling exhibition 2004 Bari, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto

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Collaborators since 2006 | Tanja Balasso, Federica Bordin, Elena Bredariol, Fabio Claudio Cervi, Federico Durigon, Shutong Fan, Josuè Garcia, Kevin Henaff, Amine Jelassi, Emily Manias, Alvise Moretti, Monica Martini, Agnese Nascimben, Giuseppe Pagano (partner until 2019), Manon Paile, Costantino Paparella, Ilaria Rigodanzo, Marco Stecca, Isabella Traeger, Devid Vidoni, Hans Ye, Alexandra Wojciak